Vehicle Tax Information


NOTICE:  Your Vehicle Registration Notice is Changing!
HB 1779 - NC DMV's new Tag and Tax System


Vehicle tax bills are mailed to the taxpayer three months after issuance/renewal of the license plate.

Final notices for past due bills are sent to the taxpayer two months after the initial due date.

Important information you should know about your vehicle tax bill:

  1. APPEAL - If you wish to appeal the value of your vehicle, it must be appealed to the Assessor within 30 days from the billing date on your bill and taxes must be paid before an appeal can be filed.
  2. INTEREST - 5% interest will be added to unpaid taxes one month following the due date. An additional ¾% interest is added every month the bill remains unpaid.
  3. ENFORCEMENT PROCEDURES - Possible enforcement procedures for collecting delinquent vehicle taxes include garnishment of wages and bank accounts. Additionally, as authorized by North Carolina Statutes, Chapter 105A, the Setoff Debt Collection Act , Randolph County can submit delinquent debt(s) to the North Carolina Department of Revenue for collection by applying the debt against any income tax refund in excess of $50.
  4. BLOCK - If taxes remain unpaid for 4 months after the due date, a block will be issued to the DMV on the registration for your vehicle. DMV will not send you a renewal card for your vehicle and you will not be able to renew your tag until a paid receipt is presented to DMV.
  5. PLATE TRANSFER - If you have transferred the vehicle plate to another vehicle you will be billed for taxes due on the vehicle the license plate was issued/renewed on. You will not be billed on the vehicle the license plate was transferred to during that registration year.
  6. MOVING OUT OF STATE - To prorate tax, you must provide to the Randolph County Tax Dept. documentation showing a surrender of license plate to the NC DMV and proof of registration in another state. This must be provided within one year of surrendering the license plate.
  7. PRORATING OF BILL - To prorate tax, you must surrender the license plate to DMV and vehicle ownership must be transferred to a new owner. Written documentation must be provided to the Randolph County Tax Dept. within one year of the surrender date.
  8. TAX RATES - The tax rates used to calculate your bill were the rates that were in effect for the county, city, or special district as of the first day of the month in which registration expired or a new registration was applied for.
  9. TAX BILL - Your bill will include amounts for county, city, or special district in which your vehicle is registered in.
  10. DISCOUNT - Discount for early payment does not apply to taxes on tagged motor vehicles.
  11. RESIDENCE - If you were not residing in Randolph County as of the date of registration renewal of your vehicle, contact the Randolph County Tax Dept.

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