Asheboro, North Carolina

October 13, 2003

Supervisors Present:   Others Present:
Craig Frazier, Chairman   Randy Blackwood, Env. Spec.
William Alston, V. Chairman   Jenny Parks, Admin. Sec.
Charles Moss, Member    
Richard Canoy, Secretary    

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 a.m. Frazier welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Travel vouchers were signed and returned.

September 8, 2003 minutes were reviewed and corrections were made. Canoy moved, Alston seconded, the board voted unanimously to accept the minutes of 9/8/03.

In the absence of Walter Knott, Parks presented the treasurer’s report. Canoy moved, Alston seconded, the board voted unanimously to accept the treasurer’s report. A copy is attached to these minutes.

There was no NRCS Report given at this time.

The NCACSP Report was given by Blackwood as follows:
-Canoy moved, seconded by Alston, the board voted unanimously to approve Darrell Wright’s contract #76-2004-04-02 for $19,662 to install a waste storage structure.
-Blackwood presented a contract expiration and extension request for Howard Jones, contract #76-2002-01-02 for a Drystack/Incinerator. There has been no work completed on this contract due to insufficient weather. Alston moved, seconded by Canoy, the board voted unanimously to approve the requested extension request for 6 months for Howard Jones contract #76-2002-01-02 and to inform Mr. Jones that the board will not support any extension requests past the next 6 months.
-Alston moved, seconded by Canoy, the board voted unanimously to approve and sign the Request for Payment for Craig Macon contract #76-2002-09-02 for $20,002.
-Canoy moved, seconded by Alston, the board voted unanimously to approve the supplemental contract #76-2004-05-02SU for Craig Macon for the excavating of dirt for $1,268.

The RC&D Report was given by Alston as follows:
-Alston reported that he had spoken with Hal Johnson and they are working on setting up a local meeting of the RC&D Council in Randolph County. More information will follow as soon as it becomes available.

Frazier reported that the Soil and Water Commission has not discussed or taken any actions regarding the ACSP new farmers and limited resource farmers. More information will follow as soon as it becomes available from the Commission.

Frazier reported that the Soil and Water Commission at its teleconference on October 3, 2003, they approved supplemental allocations for BMPs totaling $3,122,477 and technical assistance totaling $344,582. See attached sheets for information.

Each board member present signed the Long Range Plan for the Randolph SWCD. Knott will sign as soon as he is available.

The Annual Report was reviewed and discussed. Alston moved, seconded by Canoy, the board voted unanimously to approve the Annual Report with the addition of funds expended for EQIP and CRP.

The Vacancy Announcement for the Community Conservation Specialist was discussed. It was decided to contact Kim Newsome, Randolph County Personnel Director, and have him change part of the Minimum Training and Experience to read as follows:

This position requires a person with at least two (2) year experience to demonstrate a proven track record in public relations, dealing with various government agencies, private organizations, or foundations; research skills; computer skills, or grant writing to include acquiring funding for special projects; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

and also add to (Part-time, 20-25 hours/week): with the possibility of full-time

After discussion regarding the two applicants that were interviewed and also one other Application, the Board decided to advertise this position for two more weeks with the above stated changes.

The Board also inquired as to where this position was being advertised. Parks will speak with Newsome and relay this information back to the board. The board wanted to make sure this position was being advertised in the News and Record and in the High Point newspapers.

Kerri Beth Frazier expressed her thanks and appreciation to the Board and the District for sending her to the Fur, Fish, N’ Game Rendezvous in the past and allowing her to use the Enviroscape model. Through her efforts and educational experiences, Keri Beth was one of the top 4 students that scored the highest in the Environment interview through 4-H and was chosen to attend the National 4-H Congress that will be held in Atlanta, Georgia in November. The Board congratulated her on her accomplishments.

Alston signed the SWCC Candidate Nomination Form for Frazier to be nominated for the SWCC seat. A candidate will be selected by Area 3 and will be competing for this position against a potential candidate from Area 4 and a candidate from Area 7 of the NCASWCD. Parks will submit this form to Area 3 SWCD.

The Area 3 SWCD Fall Meeting will be held November 7, 2003 in Yanceyville. Pre-registration is $22.50 before 10/27/02 and $25.00 after this date. Discussion regarding representatives and alternates for the Eight Standing Committees was had. Alston expressed interest that he would like to be nominated to serve on the Legislative Committee as the Alternate again this year. Parks will submit the form to Area 3 SWCD stating this.

The Resolution from the Conservation Farm Family Subcommittee and the Resolution from the Area 3 Education Committee was discussed. Both Resolutions are attached to these minutes.

Discussion was had regarding the Employee Weekly Logs. Employees should be more thorough in documenting their time.

Parks asked the board if anyone was interested in attending the Advanced Leadership Workshop for District Supervisors. The Foundation has a couple of openings left. Alston expressed he would like to attend as well as Moss. Parks will follow up with Jerry Dorsett regarding this.

Information was provided regarding the ACSP Existing Dates letter. Bob Stanfield approved this letter and it has been sent to David Williams.

Information regarding the Fourth Annual Community Conservation Workshop was provided. This workshop will be held in Winston-Salem on November 17, 2003. There is a $20 pre-registration fee that covers cost of the facility, bus tour, lunch and meeting supplies. Topics & speakers will include:

"-Ed Hoxsie, New York State – initiatives have been taken by districts that have improved environmental quality, enhanced the visibility of the district and their standing in the community, as well as their financial position.
-Speaker on Stormwater Update.
-Bus tour of site(s) that demonstrate successful cooperation between districts and a RC&D Council."

Further information will be sent to the district offices before the end of October.

The following consent items were approved:
-Employee Weekly Logs
-October & November Calendars
-Draft Copy of the Area 3 ACSP Committee Minutes
-DEA Area 3 SWCD Updates – Parks encouraged all supervisors to join DEA as associate members.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:00 a.m.

The Next Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting will be November 10, 2003 at 7:30 a.m.
Federal Building
241 Sunset Avenue, Asheboro, NC 27203

Form 301: Issued 5/84 Soil and Water Conservation Commission
Department of Natural Resources and Community Development
1614 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1614