BOARD MINUTES – Called Meeting


Asheboro, North Carolina
May 21, 2003


Supervisors Present:   Others Present:
Craig Frazier, Chairman   Barton Roberson, DC
William Alston, V. Chairman   Jenny Parks, Admin. Sec.
Walter Knott, Treasurer   Lynn Sprague, Division of S&W
Richard Canoy, Secretary   Jerry Dorsett, Division of S&W
Charles Moss, Member    

Vice Chairman Alston called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

Roberson gave a Power Point presentation on the two Farmland Protection Program applicants – Larry McPherson (Uwharrie Farms) and Meredell Farms, Inc. Knott moved, seconded by Canoy, the Board voted to concur with the points awarded and believe the land meets the eligibility criteria on these offered lands. Frazier abstained from voting due to him not being present for the prior discussion on this item.

At this time, Alston turned the meeting over to the Chairman, Frazier.

Parks reminded the Board that the NCACSP Spot Checks are due in to the Division of Soil and Water Office by July 1, 2003.

Randolph SWCD was allocated an additional $11,030 in NCACSP funds. Knott moved, seconded by Canoy, the Board voted unanimously for the staff to continue on to the next application on ranking list and use the $11,030 towards a new contract and funds from the next year’s allocation will be taken and a supplemental contract will be written to complete the BMP. The name of the next applicant was unavailable at the time of the meeting. [INSERT TO THE MINUTES – Wilbort Hancock is the next applicant on the list and a contract will be written with the remaining funds from the May allocation]

A Request for Payment for Tommy Hussey, Contract #76-01-07-16, in the amount of $5,856, was presented to the board for the Chairman’s signature.

Parks reported that the Randolph SWCD has been approved to receive one complete computer system with a printer from the Soil and Water Foundation. Further information will follow at a later date.

Roberson reported that the District has the opportunity to serve as a Technical Service Provider (TSP). As a TSP, the District could possibly receive 50% reimbursement. Knott moved, seconded by Canoy, discussion followed. Additional information will be forthcoming. Currently the agency needs an indication as to whether the SWCD board would be interested in such an agreement. The Board voted unanimously to pursue the opportunity to be identified as a TSP, obtain information about entering into a contract with USDA/NRCS and acquiring 50% reimbursement.

At this time discussion was had regarding the Outlook Planning for the District. It was decided to seek additional information about the hiring of a "Community Conservation Project Coordinator" that would be capable of writing their own grants. This position would be temporary with three phases to be implemented over a 24-month period. It was decided that there should be a job description written for this Community Conservation Project Coordinator. It was also decided that the following stages should be followed:

Phase I  - Inventory available agencies and their interests and resources throughout Randolph County.

Phase II -  Identify gaps and find solutions for those gaps (example: storm-water)

Phase III - Identify projects throughout the county after networking with other agencies.

The next meeting of the Outlook Planning for the District should be held with key persons in the community that would have interests in related projects. The Board will also need to meet with the Randolph County Manager as well.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

The Next Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting will be June 9, 2003 at 7:30 a.m.
Federal Building
241 Sunset Avenue, Asheboro, NC 27203

Form 301: Issued 5/84 Soil and Water Conservation Commission
Department of Natural Resources and Community Development
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