Asheboro, North Carolina

December 9, 2002


Supervisors Present:                                      Others Present:

Craig Frazier, Chairman                                     Barton Roberson, DC

William Alston, V. Chairman                              Jenny Parks, Admin. Sec.

Walter Knott, Treasurer                                     Jerry Raynor, Soil Con.

Richard Canoy, Secretary                                 Randy Blackwood, Env. Spec.

Charles Moss, Member

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 a.m. Frazier welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Travel vouchers were signed and returned.


November 12, 2002 minutes were reviewed and corrections were made. Canoy made a motion to accept the minutes; Alston seconded; motion carried.

Knott presented the treasurer’s report. Alston made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report; Canoy seconded; motion carried.

Blackwood requested the board approve partial payment towards his Society of American Foresters membership dues. Knott made a motion to approve the entire $122.50 towards Blackwood’s Society of American Foresters membership dues; Alston seconded; discussion was had; motion carried.

The NCACSP Report was given by Blackwood as follows:

-Discussion was had regarding a request for payment for Randy Caldwell. This will be for the first incinerator installed with NCACSP funds in Randolph County.

Conservation plans for James Chriscoe (tracts #1094, 1098, 9356, 1085) was presented to the board for approval. Knott made a motion to approve the conservation plans for James Chriscoe for the above listed tracts; Alston seconded; motion carried.

The NRCS Report was given by Roberson as follows:

-The PRMS Report was presented to the Board for information. This report is attached to these minutes.

-Discussion was had regarding Charles Deaton’s EQIP contract modification. Canoy made a motion to approve the contract modification; Knott seconded; motion carried.

Parks reported that $320 from the Division has been paid to Randolph County for Matching Funds.

Frazier reported that Randolph County has been allocated $50,647 for PY2003 NCACSP funds.

Frazier reported that Randolph County has been allocated $17,759 for PY2003 Technical Assistance funds. It was brought to the boards’ attention that it seemed there was an error in the amount of money Randolph County requested. The amount that was requested on Attachment II of the Randolph County Joint Plan of Operation and Strategy Plan was $20,000. The Division of Soil and Water has that Randolph County requested $32,136, which is the total of Blackwood’s salary. Knott made a motion a

letter be sent to the Division of Soil and Water regarding this issue; Alston seconded; motion carried.

The RC&D Report was given by Alston as follows:

-Alston reported that on January 14, 2003 a meeting would be held with RC&D and the Town of Trinity regarding a project in that area.

-An RC&D Board Meeting will be held December 12, 2002 in Graham.

The staff’s Monthly Highlights were provided to the board and are made a part of these minutes.

Discussion was had regarding a Subdivision Plat – Northmont Estate Phase I Part V-D. This was provided for information from the City of Asheboro.

The North Carolina Foundation for Soil and Water Conservation Districts has sent out a Request for Proposal regarding the "Implementation of an Environmental Enhancement Grants Program through Conservation Districts for current and/or Former Confined Animal Operation Farmers." Discussion was had regarding this grant. Alston made a motion for staff to seek further information as to who could help to write a grant for this, determine what operations are eligible, and determine eligible farms for project specific practices, and have to present this information at the January 13, 2003 Board Meeting; Knott seconded; motion carried.

Staff recommended to the Board that alternate availability hours be posted for the public that would allow for periods of uninterrupted work. The recommendation was that a notice be posted that on Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m., starting in January 2003 and continuing through June 2003, the office staff would be unavailable for direct assistance and that Fridays are scheduled "By Appointment Only". Alston made a motion that the notice be posted that the technical staff be unavailable on Wednesday afternoons between the hours of 1 and 5 and that Fridays are "By Appointment Only", starting January 2003; Knott seconded. It was discussed that this approach will mirror actions that are being taken by the FSA. The motion carried. The District voicemail will be changed to reflect these changes and an insert will be placed in FSA’s Newsletter regarding the changes.

The Randolph County USDA’s Outreach Meeting will be held Thursday, December 14, 2002. Each supervisor was given an FSA Newsletter with instructions for response. NRCS, FSA and the Randolph SWCD will participate equally in these activities concerning "Outreach" and the availability of programs and services.

Discussion was had regarding the date and time of the January Board Meeting. It was decided to leave the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting on Monday, January 13, 2003.

The Board and staff went over the information gathered from the Randolph County EQIP Workgroup Meeting for PY2003. The attached sheet will be mailed to each who attended the workgroup session. The compiled results will also be provided to NRCS for program management of USDA Programs. Please see the attached sheet for all priority concerns.

The following consent items were approved:

-Employee Weekly Logs

-Fourth National Workshop on Constructed Wetlands/BMPs for Nutrient Reduction and Coastal Water


At 9:20 a.m. the meeting was closed in order to attend to Blackwood’s Employee Evaluation.


At 9:35 a.m. the meeting was opened.

Knott made a motion that the following be the slate of officers for the Randolph SWCD for 2003:

Chairman - Craig Frazier

Vice Chairman - Bill Alston

Secretary - Richard Canoy

Treasurer - Walter Knott

Alston seconded; motion carried.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:40 a.m.




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Chairman Signature                                     Date of Approved Minutes

The Next Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting will be January 13 at 7:30 a.m.

Federal Building

241 Sunset Avenue, Asheboro, NC 27203

Form 301: Issued 5/84 Soil and Water Conservation Commission

Department of Natural Resources and Community Development

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