Recycling Information

Administrative Assistant - Ann Lawson
- 336.318.6653

Recycling Building at the Solid Waste Facility
1254 County Land Road, Randleman, NC 27317
SWF - 336.683.8234

The Public Works Department maintains Recycling/Convenience sites throughout the county collecting residential recyclable materials that are voluntarily delivered by the citizens of Randolph County. These sites contain labeled collection bins:  one for newspapers only and another for mixed recycling including aluminum cans, magazines, office paper and HDPE (milk) and PET (soda) plastics - white goods are taken at the Solid Waste Facility.

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Education is key to raising awareness and producing environmentally conscious children and adults.   The Public Works Department promotes recycling, reducing and reusing in programs presented in the Randolph County Schools and other civic groups upon request.  For further information you may call (336) 318-6653 or 318-6607



 Sites Open Daily

115 Depot Street


Other Site Hours

*Coleridge Convenience Site
Hwy 42 at Erect-Holly Springs Rd.
Mon.,Thur., & Fri.
8:00 am. – 4:30 pm.
8:00 am. – 3:00 pm.
428 W. Brower Ave.
Mon.,Thur., & Fri.
8:00 am. – 4:30 pm.
8:00 am. – 3:00 pm.
* ( **) Randolph County Solid Waste Facility
11254 County Land Road
Monday – Friday
8:00 am. – 4:30 pm.
7:00 am. – 12:00 pm.
*Farmer Convenience Site
Hwy 49 S. near Tom’s Creek
Mon.,Thur., & Fri.
8:00 am. – 4:30 pm.
8:00 am. – 3:00 pm.
NC Zoo
African Overflow Parking Lot
Zoo Parkway

Open during Zoo operating hours

View Holiday Closings for Convenience Sites


Sites that accept: batteries, oil filters, motor oil and tires  (Note: Liberty does not take batteries)
Batteries & Oil Filters………No Limit
Antifreeze & Motor Oil……...Limit 5 gallons per person per day
Tires (must be off rim)………. Limit 5
(The Solid Waste Facility accepts more than 5 tires with a properly executed NC Scrap Tire Certification – form is available at the Scalehouse.)

**Sites that accept: corrugated cardboard