NameAddressCityDate InspectedScoreGradeType
AVS Catering, Inc.2045 N. Fayetteville StreetAsheboro NC 272033/9/201699.00ARestaurants
Biscuitville #1141442 N. Fayetteville StreetAsheboro NC 2720312/7/201596.00ARestaurants
Biscuitville #128745 W. Dixie DriveAsheboro NC 272033/31/201695.00ARestaurants
Bojangle's Restaurant #388553 W. Dixie DriveAsheboro NC 272034/4/201695.50ARestaurants
Captain Tom's Seafood320 Brown's Crossroads Rd.Staley NC 273553/9/201696.50ARestaurants
Chic Fil -A425 Randolph MallAsheboro NC 272032/2/201696.00ARestaurants
Chin Song615 S. Fayetteville StreetAsheboro NC 272033/16/201690.50ARestaurants
Dixie III715 Dixie DriveAsheboro NC 272031/20/201696.00ARestaurants
Asheboro Shell3445 US Hwy 64 EastAsheboro NC 272032/8/201696.50ARestaurants
Econo Mart #142410 N. Fayetteville StreetAsheboro NC 272031/11/201696.00ARestaurants
Henry James Barbeque2004 S. Fayetteville StreetAsheboro NC 272033/18/201696.00ARestaurants
Hop's Barbeque240 Sunset AvenueAsheboro NC 272033/30/201694.00ARestaurants
Jed's Barbeque1213 N. Fayetteville StreetAsheboro NC 272034/1/201697.50ARestaurants
Kidd's Drive In171 S.Greensboro St.Liberty NC 272983/22/201696.50ARestaurants
Mayflower Seafood Restaurant2200 N. Fayetteville StreetAsheboro NC 272032/11/201696.50ARestaurants
McDonald's #3059733 West Dixie DriveAsheboro NC 2720312/9/201595.00ARestaurants
Soprano's638 W. Academy StreetRandleman NC 273174/11/201698.00ARestaurants
Quick & Easy #34449 NC Hwy 22SSiler City NC 273445/20/201693.00ARestaurants
Quik Chek #47402 W. SwannanoaLiberty NC 272982/10/201696.00ARestaurants
Quik Chek Hot Foods #26204 N. Broad St.Seagrove NC 273411/6/201694.00ARestaurants
Speedway #7943509 W. Dixie DriveAsheboro NC 272032/16/201697.00AFoodstands
Sherry's Restaurant190 NC Hwy 49 NRamseur NC 273163/30/201696.50ARestaurants
Sir Pizza724 N. Fayetteville StreetAsheboro NC 2720312/9/201594.00ARestaurants
Sir Pizza #2813 E. Dixie DriveAsheboro NC 2720312/8/201597.50ARestaurants
Snyder's Farms2880 Beckerdite Rd.Sophia NC 273505/12/201698.00ARestaurants
Biscuit Company, The558 Albemarle RoadAsheboro NC 272035/17/201695.00ARestaurants
Good Food Market & Grill2017 Bethel DriveHigh Point NC 2736012/11/201596.00ARestaurants
Zingo Express11612 N. Main StreetArchdale NC 2726312/30/201594.50AFoodstands
P & J's Diner2125 N. Fayetteville St.Asheboro NC 272032/5/201698.00ARestaurants
Biscuit Company,The151 Jordan RoadRamseur N.C. 273162/10/201694.50ARestaurants
Archdale Subs3407-F Archdale Rd.Archdale NC 272631/27/201699.50ARestaurants
Mary B's Southern Kitchen3529 Archdale RoadArchdale NC 272632/29/201695.00ARestaurants
Randleman 66 Cafe224 S. Main StreetRandleman NC 273173/14/201694.00ARestaurants
Randolph Hospital Commons364 White Oak St.Asheboro NC 272032/26/201698.00ARestaurants
Subway Sandwiches7237 Jordan RoadRamseur NC 273164/11/201695.00ARestaurants
Subway #14196210 Liberty PlazaLiberty NC 272983/9/201698.50ARestaurants
The Dugout11246 N. Main St. Suite 304Archdale NC 272632/15/201693.00ARestaurants
Midway Grill5958 US Hwy 311Sophia NC 273504/21/201699.50ARestaurants
Fayetteville St. Christian School151 W. Pritchard St.Asheboro NC 272035/11/201699.00ARestaurants
Subway, Sandwiches & Salads350 N. Fayetteville St.Asheboro NC 272031/20/201696.00ARestaurants
Subway, Sandwiches & Salads1440 E. Dixie DriveAsheboro NC 272031/29/201694.50ARestaurants
Cook Out544 East Dixie DriveAsheboro NC 272034/4/201697.00ARestaurants
Junction Springs Café'4401 Zoo ParkwayAsheboro NC 27205-94162/25/201695.00ARestaurants
Crocodile Café4401 Zoo ParkwayAsheboro NC 272054/19/201694.00ARestaurants
Huddle House731 W. Dixie DriveAsheboro NC 272035/5/201696.50ARestaurants
Heritage Diner1172 US Hwy 64 WestAsheboro NC 272031/13/201696.50ARestaurants
Prairie Outpost4401 Zoo ParkwayAsheboro NC 27203-94165/27/201591.00ARestaurants
Hamburger Diner4401 Zoo ParkwayAsheboro NC 27205-94165/6/201691.50ARestaurants
Faith Christian Food Service5449 Brookhaven Rd.Ramseur NC 273165/9/201699.00ARestaurants
McDonalds 190601057 N. Main StreetArchdale NC 272633/8/201696.50ARestaurants
Quik Chek #151(Hardee's)434 Little River Rd.Seagrove NC 273412/1/201695.50ARestaurants
Pizza Hut #25521315 E. Dixie Dr.Asheboro NC 272035/23/201694.50ARestaurants
Carillon Assisted Living Kitchen2925 Zoo ParkwayAsheboro NC 272033/24/201699.50ARestaurants
China House252 W. SwannanoaLiberty NC 272985/11/201695.00ARestaurants
Zeko's II1328 N. Fayetteville St.Asheboro NC 272032/12/201695.50ARestaurants
Arby's Restaurant #112543 W. Dixie Dr.Asheboro NC 2720312/7/201596.00ARestaurants
Asheboro Bowling Center219 NC Hwy 42 NorthAsheboro NC 2720311/4/201591.50ARestaurants
Sagebrush Steakhouse and Saloon1505 E. Dixie Dr.Asheboro NC 272034/14/201690.00ARestaurants
Happy China123 Pointe South DriveRandleman NC 273173/15/201697.50ARestaurants
Neighbor's Grove Cafeteria1928 N. Fayetteville St.Asheboro NC 272032/8/201699.00ARestaurants
Sir Pizza of Randleman413 South Main St.Randleman NC 273171/28/201693.00ARestaurants
Quality Mart4994 Hwy 49 NorthLiberty NC 272982/23/201696.00ARestaurants
Randolph Community College Food Service629 Industrial Park Ave.Asheboro NC 272035/23/201698.00AEducational Food Service
Title III Congregate Meal Site/Archdale108 Park Dr.Archdale NC 272631/19/201699.50AElderly Nutrition Sites (catered)
Title III Congregate Meal Site/LibertyRoy C. Rietzel CenterLiberty NC 272981/7/201699.50AElderly Nutrition Sites (catered)
Bizzie Bee Delicatessen1611Prospect StreetHigh Point NC 272602/9/201695.50AFoodstands
Caraway Speedway Foodstand2518 Racetrack RoadSophia NC 273509/7/201592.00AFoodstands
Lowe's Food Deli #12310106-A S. Main St.Archdale NC 272633/28/201697.00AFoodstands
Just SaveDeli #136136 N. Brady St.Ramseur NC 273163/9/201697.50AFoodstands
Just Save Deli #60372 N. Fayetteville St.Asheboro NC 272033/18/201697.50AFoodstands
Sir Pizza Commissary724 N. Fayetteville St.Asheboro NC 2720312/9/201596.50AFoodstands
George's Carry Out1763 S. Fayetteville St.Asheboro NC 2720310/7/201595.50AFoodstands
Lowe's Food Deli #151737 W. Dixie Dr.Asheboro NC 272035/19/201696.50AFoodstands
Lowe's Foods Produce #151737 W. Dixie Dr.Asheboro NC 272035/19/201696.50AFoodstands
Food Lion Deli #3521200 N. Fayetteville St.Asheboro NC 272032/19/201697.50AFoodstands

Contact Information
Animal Control: 336.318.8235
Environmental Health: 336.318.6262 *
WIC: 336.318.6171
More ...
8am - 5pm M-F
IRA McDowell Building
2222B South Fayetteville St.
Asheboro, NC 27205
*EH @ Central Permitting Building 204 E Academy Street,
Asheboro, NC
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