Randolph County Policies & Procedures Adopted by the Board of Commissioners

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Code of Ethics for Board of Commissioners (12-6-10)

County Commissioners' Meetings Rules of Procedure (4-10-00, 6-6-11, last amended 11-7-11)

County Commissioners' Public Comment Period Rules (8/1/05)

County Wide Document Imaging Policy (12-2-13)

Debt Policy (10-4-10)

Dental Health Clinic Program Eligibility Policy and Fee Schedule (11-6-00, last amended 6-23-08)

Electronic Public Records Policy (5-4-98)

Employee Policies and Procedures Manual (effective 4-1-14 – separate book, update effective 12-1-16)

Encumbrance Accounting Policy (8-3-81)

Ergonomics Compliance Policy (4-10-00)

Fair Housing Complaint Procedure (10-5-92)

Fiscal Policy (10-4-10)

Imaging Policy - See County Wide Document Imaging Policy (12-2-13) 

Inclement Weather Policy for Convenience Centers (1-9-06, last amended 11-7-11)

Internet Policy (5-4-98)

Investment Policy (6-6-05) 

Motor Vehicle Assignment Policy (12-3-07; effective 1-1-08)

Motor Vehicle Policy (9-3-02)

Naming Communities Procedures (5-6-85)

Order of Succession Policy (7-11-94; last amended 2-1-16)

Purchase of Side Arms by Retiring Law Enforcement Officers Policy (6-7-99)

 Purchasing Policy (adopted 12-5-16 - effective 1-1-17)

Recording of Documents in Register of Deeds Office (6-5-95)

Red Flag Rule Policies (Emergency Services/Tax) Identity Theft Prevention (8-1-09)

Red Flag Rule Policies (Health) Identity Theft Prevention (8-1-09)

Red Flag Rule Policies (Public Works) Identity Theft (9-1-09)  

Revenues for Undercover Operations Policy (5-6-91)

Road Assessment 100% Participation Policy (2-1-88)

Road Assessment Procedure (1-3-89)

Safety Policy (11-6-00)

Scattered Site Housing Program (2012) Policies and Procedures

Sheriff's Office Holiday Pay Buyback Policy (10-6-03)

Social Media Site Usage Policy [for general public] (1-3-11)

Tablet Policy for Commissioners (4-4-16) 

Travel Policy ((12-6-99; last amended 10-3-05; repealed 12/1/14; new policy adopted 12/1/14 to be effective 1-1-15))

The policies are also available to view at the Public Library or the Clerk to the Board’s office.



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