Randolph County Ordinances

The ordinances are also available to view at the Public Library or the Clerk to the Board’s office.

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Addressing Public/Private Roads in Randolph County (11-4-91)

Ambulance Franchise (5-5-03; amended 11-5-2012)

Application and Issuance of Franchises for Solid Waste Facilities in Randolph County (12-2-13)  

Animal Control (effective January 1, 2016)

Centralized Permitting (11-4-91; last amended 10-03-05)

Concealed Weapons (12-4-95: amended 9/8/14)

Courthouse Security and Building Procedures (7-8-02)

Courthouse Weapons (4-1-02; effective 7-1-02)

Designating Official Bulletin Board for Randolph Co. Bd. of Commissioners (6-1-98)

Discharge of Firearms (6-7-93)

Emergency Management (9-3-12)

Fire Protection of the Tiger Country Area of the Randleman Fire District (10-1-01)

Hazardous Waste (10-5-81)

Historic Landmark Preservation Commission (6-08; amended 2-10, 1-15)

Historic Landmark Designation Ordinances approved by County Commissioners

Levying Tax on Gross Receipts from Retail Short-Term Lease or Rental of Motor Vehicles (7-10-00)

Library (6-7-93)

Massage Businesses and Therapist (9-2-97)

National Incident Management System (9-6-2005)

Noise (8/5/85; effective 9-1-85)

Ordinance Granting Franchise to Landfill Operating Partner (4-7-14) 

Parking (2-1-82)

Pawnbroker's License (12-4-89, last amended 8-3-15)

Road Naming (5-1-89)

Solid Waste Management (12-3-90; 8-3-92; last amended 4-5-10)

Unified Development (7-6-87; 10-3-05; last amended 12-6-10)

Voluntary Agricultural Districts (2-7-05; 2/5/07, last amended 12/3/12)

911 (2-4-91; last amended 7-10-95)


Smoking Control Rules (10-11-93; last amended 1-24-94)

Tobacco Use Rules (10-11-93; amended 1-24-94; effective 7-1-08)


Budget-Related Ordinances - In a separate book



All Ordinances may be viewed in the Clerk to the Board's office.