November 4, 2003


            The Randolph County Planning Board met at 6:30 p.m., on Tuesday, November 4, 2003, in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room, Randolph County Office Building, 725 McDowell Road, Asheboro, North Carolina.

  1. Chairman Maxton McDowell called to order the Randolph County Planning Board meeting at 6:30 p.m.

  2. Hal Johnson, Planning Director, called roll of the members: Maxton McDowell, Chairman, present; Bill Dorsett, Vice Chairman, absent; Lynden Craven, present; Larry Brown, absent; Phil Ridge, present; and Chris McLeod, present.

  3. Craven made the motion, seconded by McLeod, to approve the minutes of the October 7, 2003, Randolph County Planning Board meeting.  The motion passed unanimously.


  1. CLIFF LOFLIN, Denton, North Carolina, is requesting a Special Use Permit to allow a 70' x 100' building that was constructed without appropriate permits at his residence to be used for personal use only.  Location: 7431 Gravel Hill Road, 7.41 acres, New Hope Township, Zoning District RA, Parcel ID# 6686592538.

Johnson explained that this request has been withdrawn by the applicant.  Johnson said that Loflin contends that the building is agricultural and, therefore, permits are not necessary.  Johnson said that he as the Planning Director will be making a decision in this situation at a later date.


  1. DAVID PARRISH, Asheboro, North Carolina, is requesting that 4.14 acres (out of 52.32 acres) located on N.C. Hwy 49 South (across from Grange Hall Road), Concord Township, be rezoned from Residential Agricultural to Light Industrial/Conditional Use.  Parcel ID# 7618287756.  The proposed Conditional Use Zoning District would specifically allow a construction business which would include an 80' x 80' building, an attached 20' x 80' office building, and a contractor’s storage yard.

The Technical Review Committee met and discussed the following concerns for industrial development in this area:

  1. The industrial development in this area is limited and is on landscaped/campus-like settings that blend with the community.

  2. Hwy 49 is only a 2-lane road through this community.

  3. A contractor’s storage yard would call for outdoor storage, and the only other industrial use in the area does not have any outdoor storage.

  4. The business would have access to Sweetwater Trail, which is a small residential private drive.

  5. This would allow industrial traffic congestion near Farmer Elementary School.

The Technical Review Committee recommends to the County Planning Board that this request be denied.

Examples of some Growth Management Policies that the Technical Review Committee found supporting this recommendation are

Policy 3.1 Industrial development should not be located in areas that would diminish the desirability of existing and planned residential uses, nor should major subdivision be allowed to encroach upon existing or planned industrial sites without appropriate buffers.

Policy 3.2  Industrial development should be on land that is physically suitable and has unique locational advantages for industry.  Advanced planning for the identification of such land should be encouraged.

Policy 3.4 Light industrial sites should be located in urbanized areas to take advantage of available services and to reduce home-to-work distances.  Careful design and/or buffering shall be required to insure compatibility with surrounding areas.

Policy 4.3  Rural area commercial development should be limited to neighborhood business uses, farm supply stores, and generally accepted rural business establishments.


Parrish was present and explained his intention to construct this building.  Parrish said that his plans have changed, and he wants to construct a 30' x 60' section of the building to be used for office purposes.  Parrish said that this land adjoins his residence, and he would not do anything to junk up the area.  Parrish said that he purchased Country View Subdivision (mobile home development that adjoins his property), in the past, from Don Lanier.  Parrish explained that it was used for mobile home rental lots and he has removed the homes.  Parrish talked about all the land he has purchased in this area (100+ acres).  Parrish said that there may be some outdoor storage such as pipe, bulldozers, tracthoes, etc.  Parrish said that he plans to have all outdoor storage behind the building.  Parrish said that all his outdoor storage will be buffered from sight.  Parrish said that he will not interfere with Sweetwater Trail.  Parrish said that he does own the private drive, but he will not use the access for this business. 

McDowell expressed concern of the outside storage being visible from the roads. Parrish said that he plans to plant some Leyland Cypress Trees along the rear property line and Sweetwater Trail.  Parrish said that he may place a fence along each side of the building (along Hwy 49) and the sides (of the storage) would be buffered by trees.  Parrish described the extensive exterior plans for the front of the structure.  Parrish said that his only access will be to Hwy 49 and no access will be on Sweetwater Trail.  Parrish said that all the construction vehicles and equipment will be kept to the rear of the building.  Parrish said that he spoke with some of his neighbors that had no opposition to this request.

William C. Hunt, 739 Uwharrie Street, Asheboro, explained that he owns the property to the rear of this site.  Hunt said his family has owned this property for the last 100 years.  Hunt said that he is totally opposed to this request.  Hunt said that he felt this would take away the value of his property.  Hunt said he didn’t feel any type of buffer would be appropriate.  Hunt expressed concern of the noise that this type of business would create (machines, repairing vehicles, etc.).  Hunt said that Sweetwater Trail is only a 15-30 ft. small farm right-of-way.  Hunt said that this would be switching the use of the property from night to day.  Hunt said that he owns 48 acres and showed the Board a map of his property.  Hunt said that there are no business properties on this side of Hwy 49.  Hunt explained that he does not live on this property at this time.  Hunt said this would create noise and totally kill his property value.  Hunt said this would also create more traffic problems to this area.

Walter Lavallee, property owner on Sweetwater Trail, expressed concern and said that the Board should have a red flag up on this request.  Lavallee said that he is not opposed to Parrish and complimented Parrish on the type of work he does.  Lavallee said that Parrish purchased this property to expand his farm.                Lavalle said that site is about 100 acres from his house.  Lavallee said that Parrish could donate this property to the School System for a write-off on his taxes.  Lavallee discussed water problems with Farmer School.  Lavallee said that this property drains into two major creeks and he would be concerned for the run-off.  Lavallee said that Parrish will probably put up a farm fuel tank at this location.  Lavallee said he will not need any permits for this farm fuel tank, and the County will not be able to prevent him from putting in this tank.  Lavallee talked about the water problems in this area and said that if there is a fuel leak at this site, there would be tremendous water problems.  Lavallee discussed the traffic problems that this type of construction traffic could cause to this 2-lane road.  Lavallee said he felt this is dumb business to locate the shop at this site.  Lavallee said he wouldn’t have a problem with the building being located beside Parrish’s house, but he felt Parrish’s wife might have a problem with that location.  Lavallee said this type of development should be moved away from our school.  Lavallee said if the building was moved closer to Parrish’s home it would be further from the school.  Lavallee asked the Board to look at the big picture and do something good for the sake of others.

Claiborne Hunt, Sweetwater Trail, said that he is opposed to this request.  Hunt said that Parrish doesn’t want to junk up property near his residence, so he chose the location at the farthest end of his property.  Hunt said that this will be junking up the drive in front of their residences.

Laurie Hunt, 3948 Sweetwater Trail, said that when they were looking to build, they were looking for this type of zoning, Residential Agricultural.  Hunt said that this is a matter of aesthetics.  Hunt said that this will change the culture of Farmer.  Hunt added her concerns for the water quality in Tom’s Creek.  Hunt said that this is her front yard being destroyed.

There were 5 people present in opposition to this request.

Parrish said that fuel tanks are inspected yearly and there is Label-Line across the road.

McLeod said that he didn’t feel it would be an eyesore if it was buffered appropriately.

Johnson explained that there are two businesses that have been approved to be built in this area since countywide zoning.  Johnson said those businesses blend into the community.  They have no outside storage, and they have campus-like settings with heavy buffering.  Johnson said that this is located in a curve (in the road) and that the traffic concerns expressed is a valid point.

McDowell said that he didn’t feel this site, in front of the school, would be appropriate.  McDowell said that he didn’t feel there was anything wrong with the business; he just didn’t feel this was the appropriate location.

Craven said that his concern is the school.  Craven said that we have spent several thousands of dollars building schools and we should keep this area near the school residential.

Craven made the motion to recommend to the Commissioners that this request be deniedRidge said that he was mixed on this request.  Ridge said that he felt there probably could be appropriate buffering for the site.  Ridge said he would second the motion to bring the request to a vote.

McLeod said that this location would be safer than his location on Hwy 64.  McLeod said that if he lived on Sweetwater Trail he would want Parrish here to fix the road.

The vote was split by a 2 - 2 vote.  McLeod and Ridge voted against the motion.  As a result of the 2 - 2 tie vote, a recommendation to rezone the property was not approved.

  1. The meeting adjourned at 7:34 p.m.  There were 8 citizens present for this meeting.



Hal Johnson, Planning Director

Jill Wood, Clerk/Secretary