Randolph County Commissioners

October 5, 1998

The Randolph County Board of Commissioners met in regular session at 4:00 p.m. in the Commissioners Meeting Room, County Office Building, 725 McDowell Road, Asheboro, NC. Commissioners Frye, Kemp, Davis, Holmes, and Mason were present. Rev. Neil Stein, retired Methodist minister, gave the invocation, after which everyone recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Additions/Deletions to Agenda

Chairman Frye announced the following: Under new business, delete item E, which will be tabled until November 2 at 4:30 p.m., and add item K. Resolution Supporting State Bonds for Water, Sewer and Natural Gas.

Consent Agenda

On motion of Mason, seconded by Davis, the Board unanimously approved the consent agenda, as follows:

WHEREAS, the Department of Transportation has investigated a 0.01 mile unpaved westerly section of SR 1985 in Randolph County; and

WHEREAS, it has been determined that the subject street should be abandoned from the Division of Highway’s Secondary Road System due to people using the right-of-way for paries and for the parking of a semi-trailer for storage purposes;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Randolph County Board of Commissioners that a 0.01 mile unpaved westerly section of SR 1985 in Randolph County be abandoned from and the remaining 0.31 mile paved section of SR 1985 be retained by the Division of Highways’ Secondary Road System.

Closed Session - Economic Development

On motion of Kemp, seconded by Davis, the Board unanimously voted at 4:10 p.m. to go into closed session to discuss matters relating to the location or expansion of business in the area served by the Board, pursuant to NCGS 143-318.11(a)(4). The Board returned to regular session at 4:40 p.m.

Engineering Study for Water Resources Advisory Board

David Townsend, III, Public Works Director, gave the Board an update on the countywide water study which they authorized funds for in December, 1997. The Water Resources Advisory Board determined that the scope of work would include the following issues: the amount and quality of groundwater in the county because portions of the county will never be served by municipal type water systems; the best locations for extending water lines throughout the county as well as all available water resources; and how to organize this water system and to insure that it can be self-sufficient. The Water Resources Advisory Board reviewed proposals received from 7 engineering firms and developed a short list of 3 firms, any of which they feel is qualified to perform the study. In September they interviewed the 3 firms and ranked them in the following order: Marziano and Minier of Asheboro; Hobbs, Upchurch and Associates of Southern Pines; and Tritech Civil Environmental, PC of Asheboro.

Mr. Townsend asked Commissioners to approve this ranking and to authorize him and the County Manager to negotiate a contract with the first firm. If this negotiation is unsuccessful, then negotiations with the remaining firms would be performed in ranking order.

The Board discussed this matter at length and decided to set a special meeting for October 19 at 3:30 p.m. to hear presentations from the 3 firms on the short list.

Animal Control Ordinance

After discussion, the Board directed Aimee Scotton, staff attorney, to make a comparison between Rockingham County’s new animal control ordinance and what is being proposed for Randolph County and to report her findings at the Board’s November meeting.

Reimbursement Resolution Concerning Courthouse Project Financing

On motion of Kemp, seconded by Holmes, the Board unanimously adopted the following resolution:

BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Commissioners of the County of Randolph, North Carolina (the "Issuer") that the Declaration of Official Intent to Reimburse Expenditures attached hereto as Exhibit A be, and hereby is, approved.



1. This declaration of official intent is made pursuant to Treasury Regulations Section 1.150-2 or any successor or substitute Regulations which may be promulgated hereafter to expressly declare the Issuer's intention to reimburse itself for certain expenditures heretofore paid or to be paid by the Issuer, such reimbursement to be made with the proceeds of debt to be incurred by the Issuer.

2. The Issuer has advanced and/or will advance its own funds to pay certain capital costs (the "Original Expenditures") relating to the courthouse renovation and addition (the "Project").

3. The funds heretofore advanced or to be advanced by the Issuer to pay the Original Expenditures are or will be available only on a temporary basis, and do not consist of funds that were otherwise earmarked or intended to be used by the Issuer to permanently finance the Original Expenditures.

4. As of the date hereof, the Issuer reasonably expects that it will reimburse itself for such Original Expenditures with the proceeds of debt to be incurred by the issuer, and the maximum principal amount of debt to be issued with respect to the Project is expected to be $15,000,000.

Transportation Program Update

Russ Keeney, RCATS Transportation Director, explained the State Department of Transportation’s new emphasis on community transportation and how these changes will affect RCATS. RCATS is receiving additional state funding. Increased services expected by the State include human service, employment, general public and Work First trips. Provision of these services may come from carpooling, vanpooling, volunteers, faith community vehicles and/or drivers, private vendors, etc. RCATS will be expected to develop these options and apply the best alternative solution. Mr. Keeney said that he would reappear before the Board at a later time with a transportation development plan for their adoption.

Budget Amendments - Health

MiMi Cooper, Health Director, explained that the Health Department plans to purchase scanning equipment for storage of their medical records. The purchase, which will cost up to $36,000, will be made from Ikon Office Solutions, the vendor that was awarded the bid for Social Services’ scanning equipment on September 8, 1998. That bid allowed the County the option to purchase additional equipment at the same price within 90 days. Therefore, the Health Department’s equipment will not have to be bid separately. The funds to pay for this equipment will come from Medicaid Maximization money earned from the State last year, which cannot be spent until the following year. These funds must be moved into the Health Department’s current budget through a budget amendment.

Ms. Cooper also explained that the dental program has Medicaid Maximization funds that they would like to move into their medical supply line item to replace $3,500 they expended earlier to purchase an x-ray processor and dental chair.

On motion of Kemp, seconded by Davis, the Board unanimously approved Budget Amendment #13 to the FY 1998-99 Annual Budget, which reflects Medicaid Maximization funds received, as follows:






Public Health




Sales & Service


Ms. Cooper reported an allocation of $2,983 from the State for outreach efforts to identify children who are eligible for Health Choice, the children’s health insurance program. The Health Department also received $4,725 to conduct childhood lead poisoning prevention activities.

On motion of Holmes, seconded by Mason, the Board unanimously approved Budget Amendment #14 to the FY 1998-99 Annual Budget, as follows:






Public Health




Restricted Intergovenmental


Recognition of Randolph County Nominees for the NC Governor’s Volunteer Award

Chairman Frye recognized and the entire Board greeted and congratulated the 25 individual and group nominees for and the 8 winners of the Governor’s Volunteer Award, as follows (winners denoted by * before name): Irene Allred, *Cherrie Arrington, *Anita Bobo, *Evelyn Campbell, John Coble, Bernard Graham, Janet Jones, George Miller, Carl McCollom, Arthur Presnell, Ed Smith, Kathleen Snead, Anthony Ward, *Joshua and Sheela Wright, Archdale Senior Center Quilters, Asheboro/Randolph Board of Realtors, *Cross Road Baptist Church, Doll Makers of Jockey International, *Extension Homemakers of Randolph County, Randolph Bank, Kiwanis Golden K Club, *The Learning Center, Volunteer Drivers - Dept. of Social Services, and *Westside Fire & Rescue Department.

Vacancy on Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority

No nominees were presented. This item will be placed on the November 2 agenda.

Census 2000 Complete Count Committee

Hal Johnson, Planning Director, presented a list of citizens who have agreed to serve on the Complete Count Committee. He also said that all the print media will be invited to participate on the committee.

On motion of Davis, seconded by Holmes, the Board unanimously appointed the following people to this committee: Duane Church, Archdale/Trinity Chamber of Commerce; Representative from Asheboro Board of Education; George Gusler, Asheboro/Randolph Chamber of Commerce; Pike Johnson, Liberty Chamber of Commerce; David Caughron, Randleman Chamber of Commerce; Jerry Shackelford, Randolph Board of Education; Don Childers, Randolph Community College; Lynn Qualls, Cooperative Extension; Martha Sheriff, Social Services; MiMi Cooper, Health Department; Mazie Fleetwood, Mental Health; Candi Rudzinski, Senior Adult Association; Bonnie Renfro, Economic Development Corporation; Carol McKenzie, Regional Consolidated Services; Mac Whatley, Town of Franklinville; Sonny Bullard, Town of Liberty; Hampton Spivey, Town of Ramseur; Mike Walker, Town of Seagrove; Tommy Williams, Town of Staley; Lynn Priest, City of Asheboro; Martin Myers, City of Archdale; Greg Patton, City of Randleman; Carlton Boyles, City of Trinity; Hal Johnson, Randolph County.

On motion of Kemp, seconded by Holmes, the Board unanimously appointed Hal Johnson to serve as chairman of the Complete Count Committee.

Resolution Supporting State Bonds for Water, Sewer and Natural Gas

On motion of Kemp, seconded by Holmes, the Board unanimously adopted the following resolution:

WHEREAS, the North Carolina General Assembly in its 1998 session ratified Senate Bill 1354, the Clean Water and Natural Gas Critical Needs Bond Act of 1998. Governor James B. Hunt, Jr., signed the bill into law and pledged his active support;

WHEREAS, SB 1354 provides $800 million in loans and grants for much needed water and wastewater capital projects;

WHEREAS, SB 1354 provides $200 million to extend natural gas service into underserved areas of the state;

WHEREAS, a recent study has identified more than $11 billion in water and sewer capital needs, and the bonds are a critical step in meeting these long-range infrastructure needs;

WHEREAS, the water and sewer bonds will assist local governments in all areas of the state to protect the quality of our surface and drinking waters and to promote sound economic development;

WHEREAS, the water, sewer and natural gas bonds will facilitate smart growth and result in more jobs for North Carolinians; and

WHEREAS, the bond issues will help move North Carolina forward;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Randolph County Board of Commissioners strongly supports the bond issues proposed by SB 1354 for water, sewer and natural gas and encourages citizens to vote in favor of these bond issues at the polls on November 3.

Rezoning Public Hearing

At 6:30 p.m. the Board adjourned to a duly advertised public hearing to consider rezoning requests. Hal Johnson, Planning and Zoning Administrator, presented the following requests:

1. Larry McKenzie and Donald Strider, Asheboro, are requesting that 62.44 acres at the intersection of Mt. View Church Road and Old Lexington Road, Back Creek Township, be rezoned from RA to RR/CU for a 59-lot subdivision for site-built homes only. The Planning Board unanimously recommended denial, sharing concerns of area residents concerning driveway connections, new road alignment, suitability of soils, and density.

2. Louise Rayle, Randleman, is requesting 1.87 acres on both sides of the intersection of U.S. Hwy Bus. 220 and Randleman Road, Level Cross Township, be rezoned from RA to HC for commercial purposes. The Planning Board recommended that the .72 acre on the north side of the 220 connector be approved and that the 1.15 acres on the south side of the 220 connector be denied due to concerns of adverse impact on the long-established adjoining church.

3. Release of zoning jurisdiction to the Town of Franklinville per the request of property owner John Whitt - PIN # 7792019632.

Citizen Comments - Request #1

Larry McKenzie, Asheboro, presented photographs of other subdivisions he has developed and stated that this development would be very nice with $90,000+ houses. He said the road alignment can be changed if necessary and that there would be a maximum of 6 driveway connections on Old Lexington Road.

Craig Branson, 203 Westside Circle, Asheboro, said he is Mr. McKenzie’s partner and that Mr. McKenzie builds good subdivisions and has renovated and improved some downtown buildings.

Jon Megerian, attorney representing citizens opposed to this request, discussed the density of houses proposed for this development, which is in a residential/agricultural area with big lots, and said that the narrow roads could not handle the extra traffic that would be generated. He also brought up concerns about sufficient well water and runoff.

Approximately 50 people stood upon request to show their opposition.

Regina Gordon, 1278 Mt. View Church Road, presented a petition which she said had over 225 signatures of landowners in the area. She said the average property in this area is 17 acres.

George Oline, adjacent property owner, said he opposes the number of lots and that he has traffic and environmental concerns.

J.R. Childers, 1028 Henry Hill Road, said he doesn’t want this subdivision.

John Pierce, Spencer Meadow Road, expressed concern about sufficient well water for everyone is this subdivision goes in.

Denise Street, 1357 Mt. View Church Road, opposed the density of houses and traffic.

Vickie Paris, 589 Jarvis Miller Road, opposed the density and the loss of the rural nature of the area.

Citizen Comments - Request #2

Dean Harris, Greensboro, said he had been asked to market this property.

Louise Rayle, 10387 Randleman Road, said she is the administrator of her mother’s estate, which is the owner of the property requested to be rezoned. She said her mother gave 2 acres to the church there, later sold them 10 acres, and then gave them a 30’ right of way for their cemetery. She said she wants to put something there to benefit the community.

Terry Toomes, 10376 220 Bus., said the school and church are too close to the southern lot, that a business would interfere with church services. He said he is not opposed to the rezoning of the northern lot.

Jerry Mills, Pastor of Level Cross Baptist Church for the last 22 years, said he fears what might go on the adjacent lot because the request doesn’t specify and it could be anything commercial.

Sharon Toomes, adjacent property owner, opposed a business next to the school and church and said she is concerned for the children’s safety. She said she is opposed to rezoning of the southern lot only.

Approximately 40 people stood in opposition to the request.

Kathy Cox, 3042 Old County Farm Road, Sophia, opposed the request.

Chairman Frye closed the public hearing.

Board Action on Requests

On motion of Frye, seconded by Davis, the Board unanimously denied the request of Larry McKenzie and Donald Strider.

Davis made a motion, seconded by Mason, to approve Louise Rayle’s request to rezone a .72-acre lot on the north side of Randleman Road but to deny the 1.15-acre lot requested for rezoning on the south side of Randleman Road. The Board discussed the fact that no particular business was specified in this request and that it could be anything that is categorized as commercial. After this discussion, Davis withdrew his motion and Mason withdrew his second.

On motion of Kemp, seconded by Holmes, the Board unanimously denied the original request (2 lots) of Louise Rayle.

On motion of Kemp, seconded by Holmes, the Board unanimously approved the request of John Whitt to release zoning jurisdiction to the Town of Franklinville for approximately 14 acres of a 34-acre tract (PIN # 7792019632) so that the entire tract will be zoned by one local government.


The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


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Darrell L. Frye, Chairman                                  Phil Kemp

___________________________________ _______________________________________

J. Harold Holmes                                         Robert B. Davis

___________________________________ _______________________________________

Robert O. Mason                                         Alice D. Dawson, Clerk to the Board