Randolph County, NC - GIS Query by Address

  • Query the Randolph County addressing database by entering the structure address into the fields below.
  • For best search results, enter the house numberroad name, and city name (from a pull-down list).
    • Do NOT include alpha characters (101A) in the house number field.
    • Do NOT include apartment numbers (Apt 1A) or mobile home lot numbers (Lot 5) or business suites (Suite 21 or Bldg A) in the road name field.
  • If your search does not yield the desired results, enter just the road name or a portion of the road name and the city name (from a pull-down list) .
    • The city name field can be left with the value None; however, the results returned will include all cities for the house number and road name entered.
    • Search results may take longer because of non-specific search criteria.
  • After your search results are returned in list form:
    • If your query included an house number, click on the Parcel ID Number link for a map display or click on the Data Only link for a text only display.
      • Please note that POPUPS must be allowed from this site to view Parcel Data.
    • If your query did NOT include a house number, a GIS Query by Road will be performed. Click on the Draw Road link for a map display.
House Number Road Name City Name