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Theme: stream classification, Hydrography, Surface waters, Stream classifications, Water quality, Lakes, Rivers
Place: North Carolina, Cape Fear River, Yadkin River, Randolph County

The North Carolina Center for Geographic Information and
Analysis, in cooperation with the North Carolina Division of
Water Quality, developed this digital hydrography dataset with
Use Support information to enhance planning, siting and impact
analysis. These files enable users to identify surface water features
which have special restrictions for building and development based on
the locations of the features and their water quality classifications.
Surface waters consist of streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, reservoirs,
and shorelines.  This file also enables users to determine whether a
particular surface water is meeting its intended water quality use
and to what extent. The linework is based on the USGS 1:24,000-scale
Digital Line Graphs but has had additions from other sources as needed
to include the hydrographic features in the stream classification codes.
This statewide coverage is stored by river basin. The data are updated
as changes occur.

This data was created to provide a large and diverse group of
users a data resource of North Carolina surface waters to
enhance planning for sustainable growth and assist governmental
agencies in making resource management decisions through use
of a Geographic Information System (GIS).

Supplementary Information
To select out the river basin boundary arcs, use the Comment attribute
in the arcs file (lines) and select on the value "basin boundary".

Post DLG and data refinements include:
a) Translation of DLG to ARC/INFO data format
b) Review and correction for incompleteness and/or incorrect
DLG attributes
c) Internal and external (in-progress) coordinate edgematching
of features along map edges
d) Addition of hydrographic features as required by DWQ for
stream classifications
e) Addition of hydrographic attributes as identified in attribute
table specifications


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