ROADS Centerlines, Randolph County

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Theme: Street Addresses, Roads, street centerlines, highways, streets, centerlines, infrastructure, private roads, state roads, routes, private drives, intersections, cross streets, addresses, address ranges
Place: Asheboro, Archdale, Franklinville, Climax, Julian, Denton, Liberty, Seagrove, Staley, Lexington, Thomasville, Ramseur, Randleman, Trinity, Bennett, Siler City, Robbins, Sophia, Randolph County, Piedmont NC, High Point

Road Centerlines for Randolph County,NC including NC including Highways, State Roads, City Streets and Private Drives.

This data was created to provide a resource for the maintenance and querying of street addresses and roads within Randolph County.

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Road Centerlines should be used with County addresses to assure the accurate locations of addresses.


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