Randolph County 2015-2016 Budget Schedule pdf

Randolph County, NC Budget Table of Contents

INTRODUCTORY SECTION -General information provided to assist the reader's understanding of the format of this budget document, the County's organizational structure, financial reporting, and the annual budget process. 

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  • Reader's Guide 
  • Annually Budgeted Funds of Randolph County 
  • Fund and Organizational Structure
  • Organization Chart 
  • List of Principal Officials 
  • Budget Process 
  • Budget Schedule

OVERVIEW - This section is laid out in the chronological order of the budget process. Summary information on the 2014-15 budget, including the Manager's Proposed Budget Message, current priorities and other issues that impacted the adopted budget, the official budget ordinance, financial totals for all funds, and other organization-wide information. The County's overall policy goals and financial policies are also included.   

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  • Proposed Budget Message 
  • Adoption of Final Budget 
  • Budget Ordinance 
  • Executive Summary 
    • Budget at a Glance - General Fund By Purpose 
    • Comparison of Property Tax Rates in North Carolina 
    • Highlights of the Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Budget 
    • Comparative Schedule of Revenues, Expenditures and Other Financing Sources (Uses) - All Annually Budgeted Funds 
    • Combining Schedule of Revenues, Expenditures and Other Financing Sources (Uses) - All Annually Budgeted Funds 
    • Combined Schedule of Revenues, Expenditures and Other Financing Sources (Uses) - All Annually Budgeted Funds 
  • Summary of Allocated Positions
  • Requests for New Positions
  • Appropriated Fund Balances
  • Interfund Transfers 
  • Goals and Policies 
    • Policy Goals 
    • Matrix Linking Policy Goals with County Departments 
    • Long-Range Planning Processes 
    • Budget and Accounting Policies 
    • Financial Policies 

GENERAL FUND - Budget and service information for the primary operating fund of the County. Financial data is presented in summary format: revenues by type and expenditures by function. Detail totals are also presented by department. This section explains how general county revenues, including property and sales taxes, are spent.

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  • Revenues and Other Financing Sources:
    • Revenue Budget Summary
    • Schedule of Revenues and Other Financing Sources by Type and Function
    • General County Revenues
    • Schedule of General County Revenues
    • Program Revenues
  • Expenditures and Other Financing Uses:
    • Expenditure Budget Summary
    • Schedule of Expenditures and Other Financing Uses by Department and Category
    • Capital Outlay Schedule
  • Comparative Budgets

GENERAL FUND (Concluded) - Department information includes mission statements, narrative summaries of the services provided, the number of positions devoted to those services, budgets by service area, and operational performance goals.

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  • Departmental Budgets and Service Information:
    • General Government
      • Governing Body
      • Administration
      • Information Technology
      • Tax
      • Elections
      • Register of Deeds
      • Public Buildings
    • Public Safety
      • Sheriff
      • Emergency Services
      • Building Inspections
      • Adult Day Reporting Center
      • Juvenile Day Reporting Center
      • Other Public Safety Appropriations
    • Economic and Physical Development
      • Planning and Zoning
      • Cooperative Extension Service
      • Soil and Water Conservation
      • Other Economic and Physical Development Appropriations
    • Environmental Protection
      • Public Works
    • Human Services
      • Public Health
      • Social Services
      • Veteran Services
      • Child Support Enforcement
      • Other Human Services Appropriations
    • Cultural and Recreational
      • Public Library
      • Other Cultural and Recreational Appropriations
    • Education
    • Debt Service
    • Interfund Transfers
    • Contingency

OTHER FUNDS WITH ANNUAL BUDGETS - Information on all other annually budgeted funds of the County.

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  • Emergency Telephone System Fund
  • Landfill Closure Fund
  • Water Fund
  • Fire Districts Fund

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PLAN / DEBT SERVICE - Summary of major capital projects in progress, future capital needs, and current debt service obligations.

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  • Capital Improvement Plan
  • Summary of Future Capital Needs
  • Annual Debt Service Requirements

OTHER INFORMATION - Statistical and other supplementary information provided to assist the reader in understanding the County. The glossary of terms is also found here. 

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  • About Randolph County
  • Adopted General Fund Budgets - Past Five Years
  • Statistical Information
  • Glossary

   2014 - 2015 Complete Final Budget Document