Director - Donovan Davis


The Randolph County Department of Emergency Services provides service to the community by preventing and minimizing loss of life, pain and suffering, property loss, and environmental damage from fire, natural disasters, and medical emergencies. To accomplish this, the Department will provide education, prevention, and emergency response.


The Department of Emergency Services includes fire inspection and enforcement of the N.C. State Building Codes, fire investigation, answer and dispatch of all emergency and non-emergency calls for assistance through 9-1-1 for all public safety agencies in the county, response to and provision for appropriate pre-hospital medical care and transport. Prevention services include public education, mitigation measures through pre-planning and disaster planning. This department operates 24 hours per day with 100 full-time, 49 part-time and three (3) contracted employees, for a total of 152 employees.

Organization Chart

ES Organization Chart