Juvenile Day Reporting Center

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The Juvenile Day Reporting Center encompasses three separate programs, The S.T.E.P. Center, Asheboro/Randolph Teen Court, and Asheboro/Randolph Community Service and Restitution. All programs are geared to help at-risk and/or court involved youth change their behavior and become successful citizens in the future.

This program is based on a developmental approach that teaches youth about consequences and they they are responsible for their behavior.  The program's concept is the belief that by placing a youth in a regimented, highly-structured, intensive treatment environment for short periods of time, they are more likely to learn about themselves as a whole person; physical, mental, and emotional abilities, as well as disabilities and possible treatment needs.  Through the use of continuous and cohesive structured work activities, as well as therapeutic treatment groups, youth can develop positive emotional, social, physical and mental attitudes that will help foster positive social behaviors.


The mission of the Juvenile Day Reporting Center is to hold at-risk, court involved, and court diverted youth accountable for their behavior while learning social skills to help make positive decisions in the future. Participants focus on decision making, coping skills, managing stressful situations both at home and at school, as well as giving back to the community to provide restitution for the crimes they have committed.

Target Population:

Randolph and Montgomery County youth ages 9-17.

Program Acceptance for Each Program Offered
  At Risk First Time Offenders Court Diverted Court Ordered
STEP Center                                        
Teen Court                     
Community Service/Restitution                         


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Juvenile DRC:
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Adult DRC
145 Worth St.
Asheboro, NC 27203
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  • Fax:336.625.2740
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