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Richard Wells

Richard Wells
County Manager

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     Randolph County Government exists in order to serve the citizens of this county.  We take the much used quote “to serve and protect” very seriously.  We take pride especially in the Sheriff’s Department and the Emergency Services Department as they are the frontline protectors of our citizens.  The staff of these departments are highly trained professionals who are dedicated to their jobs and truly care about their neighbors and fellow citizens.  Both departments hope for the day when there are no calls for help!   But those calls come 24/7, and staff are always ready to come to the rescue.

     The many other departments of county government are just as dedicated.  We are fortunate to have staff who have chosen a career path of public service.  We have one of the smallest per capita staffs in the state, and it is stressed to employees that every job is important and every interaction with our citizens is important.  We stress customer service, competence, and civility in all transactions.  Staff are reminded regularly that the citizen pays our salary, and we work for the citizen.

     Our county has a most interesting history.  The influence of the early Quaker settlers and the hard-working farmers is still with us in many ways.  Many people here still believe in helping their neighbors and friends when they are in need.  It is a community that always has a fund-raiser in the works, and they are always successful whether it be for a neighbor stricken with a disease or for a multi-million dollar facility that will serve everyone.  Much of the business of this county is still agriculture and no farmer can survive unless he is hard-working, resourceful, patient and in possession of good common sense.  We strive to achieve those attributes in county government.

     Other than the public library, much of what the county provides is not in the limelight.  But we strive to be there when you need us and provide you with the best service possible.




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